Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! [review]

Vegan Yack Attack on the Go

Title: Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! Author: Jackie Sobon Publisher: Fair Winds Press [Synopsis] Plant-based recipes that fit your busy lifestyle! If you're a vegan and frequently on the go, it can be hard to eat well while still maintaining your plant-based lifestyle. You need options you can make in advance, take with you, or prepare quickly and easily… Continue reading Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! [review]


Natural Feasts [review]

Title: Natural Feasts Author: Ella Woodwin Publisher: Scribner [Synopsis] Internationally bestselling author of Deliciously Ella, Ella Mills offers more than 100 exciting, accessible recipes to show how clean, gluten-free, plant-based eating is the perfect way to entertain friends and satisfy your guests. In Natural Feasts, Ella Mills makes it easy to prepare delicious food for you, your… Continue reading Natural Feasts [review]

No Excuses Detox [review]

Title: No Excuses Detox Author: Megan Gilmore Publisher: Ten Speed Press [Synopsis] From Everyday Detox author Megan Gilmore, powerhouse blogger behind, comes her second title featuring 100 quick-to-prepare, affordable, and delicious whole-food recipes that make it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle for you and your family every day. In No Excuses Detox, Megan… Continue reading No Excuses Detox [review]

The Happy Pear & The World Of The Happy Pear [review]

Cookbooks by The Happy Pear

[My Review] I seriously LOVE these cookbooks! I've watched The Happy Pear's Youtube videos for a while now and was always really impressed with their recipes (especially the 5 minute recipes, so impressive!) so decided to take the plunge and order not on but both of their recipe books - and boy, I'm glad I… Continue reading The Happy Pear & The World Of The Happy Pear [review]

Eaternity [review]

Eaternity by Jason Wrobel

[Synopsis] Vegan chef and wellness expert Jason Wrobel offers up a comprehensive recipe and lifestyle book with practical tips for creating drool-worthy dishes with specific nutritional benefits. While at its core Eaternity is a cookbook, it’s so much more than that. In it, Jason explains which foods contain active ingredients to support health and longevity.… Continue reading Eaternity [review]

Inject some super foods into your diet this New Year!

[Synopsis] A collection of more than 60 dishes that showcase super foods--ingredients from kale and seaweed to cocoa and avocado that are brimming with vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting nutrients. Featuring straightforward delicious dishes, this easy-to-follow guide contains recipes like Wonder Smoothie, Vitaboost Frittata, Supercharged Carrots, Cauliflower Risotto, and Plum and Cranberry Crisp that showcase sensational… Continue reading Inject some super foods into your diet this New Year!