My top 25 books of 2018

This post was SO hard to write, because there were so many amazing books this year that I got to read and loved, and as always I'm terrible at whittling them down to 25 (I started with a limit of 10 but that switfly increased as I remembered how many amazing books I've read!). These… Continue reading My top 25 books of 2018


A Few Of My Favourite Things… [October]

So here's another post showcasing some of my favourite things - some bookish, some not! 'Have It, Haven’t Read It Yet' Tote Bag Love the design of these cool bags! If you fancy getting your hands on one, or buying for a gift or Christmas present, you need to do so before 29 October as… Continue reading A Few Of My Favourite Things… [October]

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Here's a roundup of some of my favourite things from the last few months - lots of books, but also some beauty, fitness - whatever I've been loving, basically! I don't do these posts very often but I LOVE reading other people's, so I feel like I should post them a bit more regularly. [BOOK] The Empathy… Continue reading A Few Of My Favourite Things!