Goodreads Challenge [‘half way’ update]

So I'm a little bit [very] late with this one, seeing as I wanted to do a 'half-way update' and it's already half way through August, but I thought I'd do it anyway - so here is what I've read so far in 2018! I was doing really well - ahead of schedule by at least a… Continue reading Goodreads Challenge [‘half way’ update]


My Goodreads Challenge – update: 6 months in

Here's a 6 month update on how I'm doing with my Goodreads Reading Challenge! I have read 54 of 90 books in 2017, and apparently I'm 16 books ahead of schedule! Books I've Read So Far This Year: (click the cover to go to view the book on Goodreads) Are you doing a Goodreads challenge this year?… Continue reading My Goodreads Challenge – update: 6 months in