Blog Tour [Lies Between Us by Ronnie Turner] @ronnie__turner

Today I am SO excited to share my review of Ronnie Turner's debut novel, Lies Between Us! She's a fellow book blogger which makes this even more exciting and she's created an addictive read... read on to find out what (else) I thought! Title: Lies Between Us Author: Ronnie Turner Publisher: HQ Digital [Synopsis] The… Continue reading Blog Tour [Lies Between Us by Ronnie Turner] @ronnie__turner


The Dark Lake [blog tour review] @sarahbailey1982

Today I am so excited to be on the blog tour for Sarah Bailey's crime debut The Dark Lake. Read on to find out what I thought... Title: The Dark Lake  Author: Sarah Bailey Publisher: Atlantic Books [Synopsis] A hot summer. A shocking murder. A town of secrets, waiting to explode...A beautiful young teacher has… Continue reading The Dark Lake [blog tour review] @sarahbailey1982

The Two O’Clock Boy [review]

Title: The Two O'Clock Boy Author: Mark Hill Publisher: Sphere [My Review] Well, this was an explosive and impressive start to what promises to be a great new crime series! The Two O'Clock Boy features an intricate, interesting and fast-paced plot which kept my intrigued - and guessing - until the end. The main character, DI Drake,… Continue reading The Two O’Clock Boy [review]

Burned and Broken [blog tour]

Title: Burned and Broken Author: Mark Hardie Publisher: Sphere I am thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for the fantastic Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie! This is a fantastic crime novel that I hugely enjoyed, so read on for my review... [Synopsis] An enigmatic policeman - currently the subject of an… Continue reading Burned and Broken [blog tour]

Missing, Presumed [review]

[Synopsis] Edith Hind, the beautiful, earnest Cambridge post-grad living on the outskirts of the city has left nothing behind but a streak of blood and her coat hanging up for her boyfriend, Will, to find. The news spreads fast: to her parents, prestigious doctor Sir Ian and Lady Hind, and straight on to the police.… Continue reading Missing, Presumed [review]

Pretty Is [review]

[Synopsis] 'Everyone thought we were dead. We were missing for nearly two months; we were twelve. What else could they think?' -Lois 'It's always been hard to talk about what happened without sounding all melodramatic. . . . Actually, I haven't mentioned it for years, not to a goddamned person.' -Carly May The summer precocious… Continue reading Pretty Is [review]