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I do accept some review requests but please be aware that I have a very large pile of books I am working my way through so I’m not accepting many requests at the moment! However if you would like a book reviewed and are happy to possibly wait a little while for the review, please get in touch on here or via email: Due to the high number of requests I get, I will reply to those I am interested in only, usually within a week but often sooner.

I read a wide range of genres and like trying new styles, but I mostly read fiction from the following categories:

Mystery/ thriller
> Literary fiction
> Crime/ Detective
> Women’s fiction
> Humour
> Horror
> Romance
> Historical fiction
> YA

And I LOVE cooking so anything cookery / recipe / food related, especially healthy eating, is usually of interest to me! Also enjoy interesting autobiographies 🙂

I post all my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and anywhere else applicable too, and share via social media.

I accept printed copies (preferred but I do know and understand that they’re a lot more expensive to provide) as well as e-books.


3 thoughts on “Review requests

  1. Sheila M. Cronin says:

    Dear Snazzybooks blogger,

    Like your snazzy site, especially your Easter reading list. I’m a huge fan of Easter.

    Are you planning a Mother’s Day reading list, too? In which case, please consider reviewing my novel, The Gift Counselor. Though set in the Christmas season, it focuses on the year-round activity of gift gifting and has garnered 28 reviews on amazon and 7 on goodreads, Plus, The Gift Counselor just won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards. It is recommended for book clubs, too.



  2. SnazzyBooks says:

    Hello Sheila, Thanks for your message.
    I am not planning a Mothers’ Day list as such this year, as it was back in March so I think I’ve missed the boat on that one! The Easter list was just a list of what I was reading at the time, so I will definitely do more of these in the future and I am always reviewing books. I’ve got quite a backlog of books to review at the moment but your novel looks really interesting to me so I’d be really happy to review it at some point in the not-too-distant future!

    If this sounds OK to you then my email is 🙂

    Many thanks,


  3. Prince Rasta says:


    I visit your blogs and read some parts of it and thought you made some really great points. If you have a chance, please read and review my book if you are interested, titled ” Enter The Monkey”. Enter The Monkey is an exquisitely and often painfully soul-baring true life story. I think it might be of interest to your readers.If you do please let me know.



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