Autumn #TBR pile

Here are some of the books I'm looking forward to reading this Autumn! I haven't had as much time as I'd like to read recently, so I'm a bit (quite a lot) behind on my Goodreads challenge (5 books behind!) so I need to get reading - and fast! Here are my top picks (the… Continue reading Autumn #TBR pile


Recent ebook purchases!

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday, whatever you've been doing! This post is all about books - ebooks, specifically - which I've bought over the last few months, and which I'm really excited about reading. Now I don't know when exactly I'll get around to reading them, as I still have a… Continue reading Recent ebook purchases!

August Book Haul!

Book haul stack

Hello everyone, I've got a book haul to share with you today! I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more books until I've read more of the ones I've already got, especially as I'm running out of room, but then the below happened... Some have been bought and a few were sent to me… Continue reading August Book Haul!

Quick book haul…

Book Haul pile

  Hello! Just got a quick book haul to share with you today- definitely didn't need to buy me books, I've got a HUGE 'to-read' pile already it couldn't resist these as they were all either on a great 3 for £5 offer at The Works or really cheap from charity shops! Firstly- In The… Continue reading Quick book haul…

Upcoming books (as of November 2014)

The Marriage Plot

Here are a few books I'm reading/ have read and will post reviews for soon... I am aware that some of these may have appeared on my book haul/ to read list aaages ago and I never got round to reading and reviewing quite a few them, but they will be soon! I am determined… Continue reading Upcoming books (as of November 2014)