How Travelling Solo Has Made Me A Better Person

Not book related as such but great article; this only makes me more excited for my solo trip to Thailand in January!
Hopefully the first of many too (shame I have a job that I don’t really want to give up so really limited on holiday!)

This article appeared on Thought Catalog on February 9th 2014.

I was eighteen the first time I set out on my own. I did it again when I was twenty. And a third time when I was twenty-one. I am a self-confessed airport crier, last-minute packer, document misplacer and chronic over-thinker who finds leaving anyone and anywhere a huge deal. Yet I have never once regretted going. I have missed things (people, birthdays, my graduation, homecooked meals, etc) but I have never once thought “I should never have gotten on that plane.”

Travelling solo is the best thing I have ever done. It is when I feel that I am more than just alive; I am living. It makes me feel present and proactive and strong. It provides a unique combination of control and freedom that I have yet to find anywhere else. Every time I arrive in a new place I…

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