Book Club: Wrongful Death by Lynda LaPlante

Synopsis:Six months after the body of Josh Reynolds, a London nightclub owner, was found and determined by police and coroner to be a suicide, DCS James Langton tasks DCI Anna Travis to review the case. Reynolds died from a single gunshot wound to the head, the gun held in his right hand. But details are… Continue reading Book Club: Wrongful Death by Lynda LaPlante


Marrakesh and what I read…

I recently got back from an AMAZING week in Marrakech with Tom. Although I didn't have much time to read whilst I was out there, I did get some time to enjoy a few books. I really wish I had taken a better camera out there as there was so many amazing things to see and… Continue reading Marrakesh and what I read…

The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths

Synopsis:The chilling discovery of a downed World War II plane with a body inside leads Ruth and DCI Nelson to uncover a wealthy family’s secrets in the seventh Ruth Galloway mystery.Norfolk is suffering from record summer heat when a construction crew unearths a macabre discovery—a downed World War II plane with the pilot still inside.… Continue reading The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths

The Ladies of the House – I’m glad I’m not one of them!

The Ladies of the House is a story about many things, but what stands out to me the most are the themes of longing, oppression and the unfairness of life.Synopsis:On a sweltering July day, three people are found dead in a dilapidated house in London's elegant Primrose Hill. Reading the story in a newspaper as she prepares… Continue reading The Ladies of the House – I’m glad I’m not one of them!

Book Club! Book 1…

  So me and my workmates have a little book club going on...We actually DO make sure we properly discuss the book in question, (unlike many other book groups I know of!) but we combine it with a glass of wine and, occasionally, food too, one night in the week after work.There have actually been… Continue reading Book Club! Book 1…

You HAVE to read ‘Mornings in Jenin’…!

...a strong statement, eh?Well I feel that it's true, because Mornings in Jenin was, without a doubt, one of the most real, raw and emotional books I have ever read.Synopsis:Forcibly removed from the ancient village of Ein Hod by the newly formed state of Israel in 1948, the Abulhejas are moved into the Jenin refugee camp. There,… Continue reading You HAVE to read ‘Mornings in Jenin’…!

The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo- review

The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo

Synopsis: A young woman is murdered in her Oslo flat. One finger has been severed from her left hand, and behind her eyelid is secreted a tiny red diamond in the shape of a five-pointed star - a pentagram, the devil's star. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case with his long-time adversary Tom… Continue reading The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo- review